Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meeting Heather Ross

Last Friday after a totally stressful crazy week (my 8 year old is going through some bad allergic reactions, spending lots of time in Dr’s offices and even a ER visit) I almost wasn’t able to make to meet Heather Ross. I am so glad Liz told me about the event and invited me to go with her because being so busy I have seriously neglected my blog reading and didn’t even know Heather was giving a free lecture! So my daughter Iris (who is a huge Heather Ross fan) and cousin Cory (artist,writer,amazing baker,wonderful life long friend, lover of chickens ;-) took a little trip across the river.

If you know me (at least in a crafty sense) you know that I am a HUGE Heather Ross fan. I love everything about her work. In fact the main reason I decided to learn to sew in the first place was because I saw her goldfish fabric ;-) Before that I had just seen some of the more traditional quilting fabrics and wasn’t that inspired. Little did I know the world of awesome designers and bold brilliant fabrics awaiting me ;-)

Heather was everything I had imagined she would be. Totally fun to listen to speak and inspiring, creative, funny. We loved hearing about her design process and her general message about doing what  you love in your art. I am looking forward to seeing some of her new projects in the future… and I seriously hope one of these days to be able to take a workshop from her (I need a not wedding season workshop pleeeasssse)

After the lecture we went to dinner at Pf Chang’s (haven’t been there in a long time I was overdue for some lettuce wraps) It was a great night and a much needed break

heather ross 1heather ross 2

ps see those little mermaid hexies… I am using the scraps from Iris’s quilt to make a matching pillow for her room ;-)


megan said...

Love it. I was so embarassed to whip out my camera at class and take pictures of Heather and now I really regret it. You got such great shots. Glad you had a nice break from a stressful week!

Giddy for Paisley said...

It was a wonderful evening and I am so glad that Stella was doing well enough that you and Iris got to go.

Modern Male Homemaker said...

Had so much fun hanging out with you three and meeting Heather Ross! We need to do stuff like this more often. And yes, a workshop during non-wedding season would definitely be a plus and I'd totally take it with you!